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 Feeling tired, stressed, rundown or sore? 

 Have the kids run you raggered over the holidays?

Do you think a massage could help?

"I have just gotten home from a fantastic massage from the one and only if you don't know what I'm talking about then you have no idea what you are missing out on! I have had all kinds of aches and pains since the birth of my son and needing some serious massage time, I happen to be quite lucky and have a masseur who's name is Bob Grieg, he is in my friends list if you wish to contact him this way! Believe me it is the best thing you can do... I was on cloud nine after receiving a massage! If you want to know more you can contact me or Bob!"


Bob's Mobile Massage!!!!
Let me start from the end.
I was so energized I literally walked laps around the table and jumped up and down on the spot. The pain in my legs was gone. The pain in my arms was gone. Bob found pain in areas I didn't even know I was sore. I feel amazing!!!!
Bob started out by just firmly placing hands on my back. For some reason I just instantly felt relaxed. Lol he could have stopped right there. He's technique was all encompassing and he comunicated every step of the way so there were never any surprises. He knew just how far too push my muscles and instant relief was felt. He finished each section off with gentle rain drop touches that I found my eyes close involuntary. Bob was able to pin point every area needing attention and OHHH the neck!!! Awesome. I was very present through out this massage in the best possible way ever. Yes Bob is a male therapist and for me that would often mean that there just want that special nurturing touch that female therapists have on the contrary! Bob's got it all. I felt comfortable and secure at every stage through out the massage.
Thank you Bob I would happily pay for fortnightly visits.

                                                                                                        (a massage therapist herself)

I live at Waterford West on Brisbane's South Side,
My massage is MOBILE - That means that I come to you!!