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You should have already read Lisa's comments on the Home Page.


I,  Coral-Lea ###### Born May 1947, live on a farm near Stanthorpe and have a condition called CREST syndrome more commonly know as Scleroderma. In short the body rejects it's own connecting tissues which effects the connective tissues and muscles in the skin, blood vessels, joints and internal organs, kidneys, heart, lungs, bowls and oesophagus. A patient can have either or both internal or external.

My introduction to Mr Bob Greig, of ######## Brisbane, eight years ago was through a mutual friend who said Bob's therapeutic and relaxing skills may help my condition. After having gained none or very little results from Doctors, drugs and Physiotherapists, I decided to give Bob a go. In a short time I could feel the benefits from Bob's massage and relaxing methods. His attitude, perseverance and dedication towards his work never failed to amaze me.

A massage with me can take anywhere between one & a halfhours to three and half hours depending on the condition of my body at the time. I am old fashioned, honest, a little emotional with very sensitive feelings, I find it hard and confusing at times dealing with modern society and the mental stress that comes with it, however I try to keep a strong and positive attitude towards my health.

Bob's treatments with me have been difficult for both of us with the added pain and stress of my misfortunes in recent years, three suicides (a brother and two nephevvs) the death of a granddaughter, my Dad, my Mother with advanced dementia and two broken marriages, these painful and difficult circumstances interrupting any possibility for me to have regular follow-up treatments with Bob, which is necessary with CREST to obtain the full benefits.

On many occasions Bob only received a call when I could no longer handle the pain in my condition. He has travelled to my home on these occasions to do the massage saving me the difficulty of travelling long distance.

When Bob first started my treatments he relied on his own natural skills as well as what he gained at the Australasian Institute of Massage in the early 1980's. Bob has since studied and gained full recognition as a Qualified Masseur. Bearing in mind there are times when we all suffer through lack of knowledge and refuse to accept the condition or give up. Bob never gives up on his patients. I have no hesitation in recommending his ability very strongly in this area.

If only all our loved ones, family and friends had the same trust and sensibility in their approach to chronic disease, take the time to gain a little knowledge and exercise thoughtfulness and had the same degree of confidence as Bob has, our lives would be much healthier and happier.

I am extremely grateful appreciative of all Bob's efforts, encouragement and dedication both as a friend and masseur also his unwavering attitude towards my condition.

Yours sincerely


Bob also massages pregnant women after the first 3 months of pregnancy.

He also does a fantastic foot massage.

"I injured my back at work & the doctors said I would never walk again, but with the help of a lot of rest & a shit load of massages, I am now able to do most things without too much suffering. Thank you Bob"